“….why does he do that?”

She closed the door behind her. She checked her phone…7:47. Late, again.

“I really need to wake up earlier. I would have gotten ready sooner if hubby wasn’t taking his usual ‘number two’ in the morning….yes he leaves the door unlocked so I can go in and out. But the sight of him on the toilet playing video games is not pretty…”

She turned on her radio…..commercial….checked another station…commercial. She got frustrated.


She stopped at another red light. Finally a song starts to flow through the speakers.

◆..because I’m happy….clap along if you feel like a room without a roof..◆

She turned off the radio.

“..if they play that song one more time.”

She grabbed a granola bar from her purse.

“That was sweet of hubby to buy me a granola bar and fill up my gas early this morning. And he does this in whatever he fell asleep in. Today…tank top and Spongebob Squarepants pajamas and mismatching slippers. One blue…and one pink. Imagine the look of the cashier when he comes up to pay. She probably thinks he’s a drug addict or something.”

She laughed to herself.

“His allergies are killing him. And now he’s complaining about his nose being addicted to nose spray. Is that even real? Nose spray addiction? Do I need to set up an intervention for his nose? I can see it now…’hi, I’m a nose and I’m addicted to Afrin nose spray.’ He probably just made that up…..let me see.”

She waited til the light turned red.

“…nose….spray….addiction. Whoa,  that is real.”

She remembered his outfit this morning.

“He really doesn’t care what people think…and if it makes people laugh…he thinks its worth it. Maybe i’ll give him ‘some’ tonight…..NAH.”

The Daily Post-Mind Reader


7 thoughts on ““….why does he do that?”

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    1. misplacedtalent2 Post author

      Thanks! I’ve always wondered what my wife was thinking after certain situations…she does this thing where she eyes look off to the side and pauses…that’s when her mind is thinking about something…that’s when I wish I could read her mind lol

      1. mewhoami

        Don’t wish too hard. I don’t know if reading someone’s mind would be the best thing. I would be afraid of what I would learn.

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