“Heavy breathing + a dog farting + a tiny little screen = Heaven”

An alarm goes off.

“Just five more minutes.” My wife says half-awake.

I lay there staring at the ceiling.

The alarm goes off. I turn to my wife.

“Hey….hey…five minutes.” She turns on zombie mode and walks to the bathroom.

I get up and walk to my little one’s room. She is hiding in the covers, showing me that she is not ready to get up. I grab her clothes for the day.

“Bug….bug. Time to get up.” I hear giggling from under the blanket. I jump on her bed.

“Oh I thought you were still sleeping….tickle alarm is going off.” I go into a tickle rage and tickle her feet. She laughs loudly and jumps out of bed.

The mornings are hectic….filled with getting a little one ready and trying to remember all the “honey-do’s” my wife tells me why she walks around getting ready. Most of this is done while she is in the shower, and it’s hard to pay attention to your wife reminding you about permission slips while she is wearing no clothes.

“Ok ok. I got it. But can you just stand there naked for just a few more minutes.” She laughs and closes the shower door.

Twenty minutes later, we are all out the door. I press play on my CD player in the car and the Frozen soundtrack fills my speakers.

“Yay! Thank you daddy!” My little proceeds to sing each song word by word with amazing accuracy.

Ten minutes later,  I drop her off.

“I love you daddy!”

“I love you too, my love. ”

Thats when my day starts. And what follows is 7 hours of dealing with high school angst. Wether its discussing the beauty of the five paragraph essay, discussing steategy in Call of Duty or Clash of Clans, conversing about Miley Cyrus and twerking, or breaking up teenage couples who are expressing “too much” affection to each other.

“Hey…hey you. Are you a dentist? Found a new way to do oral surgery with your mouth? I don’t think anyone wants to see you perform this miraculous new technology in the hallways….so stop.”

I love my job. It reminds me of when I was a teenager who filled these halls…in and out of detention. But this still isn’t my favorite part of the day.

My favorite part is usually around 11:00 at night.

I walk into a dark room with only a cell phone light to lead the way. I walk to my little one’s room to check on her. I see her asleep in a mound full of Hello Kitty blankets. I kiss her forehead and move slowly into my room and bed. I lay in bed and observe my surroundings. To the left, is a wife breathing heavily in deep sleep. And on the floor is the family dog…farting in his sleep. I turn to my phone in my hand and look at my apps. I proceed to press a bright red colored app….and watch my Netflix app boot up. Walter White and Jesse Pinkman fill my little cell phone screen. Heaven. These past 10 minutes are my favorite part of the day….

The Daily Post-Favorite routine


4 thoughts on ““Heavy breathing + a dog farting + a tiny little screen = Heaven”

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  2. callitsonja

    Well…. yesterday you needed soul-searching and today you love your job 🙂
    Making progress? LOL

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