“She accepted my friend request..so we are friends right? “

We take sides. We support our friends, no matter the situation. But sometimes, our mouths spit out checks we can’t cash.

I walked to my school locker not knowing what to expect. I looked around to see if anyone was watching. It was quiet….too quiet. I faced my locker and put in the combination….35 left….20 right….but just as I was going to put in the final number, I heard a familiar voice.

“Hey….turn around. I know you hear me…turn around.”

I knew this would happen.

I turned around and saw an angry female classmate, “What?”

“You better watch your back. I knew you couldn’t resist talking smack about me….just wait. Just wait.” She walked away and waved at me with a special particular one finger salute.

I took a deep breath. I was hoping to avoid that girl. I walked into class flustered. My best friend noticed.

“What’s wrong man?”

“You’re ex just fronted me at the lockers…told me to watch my back.”

“What? Serious? What she gonna do? Get her new man on you? I doubt it.

“I’m not sure why she is this mad at me…I mean you dated her for freakin sakes. Not me.”

“I know I know man. I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to get you involved in this. But she hurt me man. I’m still pissed.”

“It’s cool man….that’s why I had to say something. She did you wrong. Her man won’t do anything. She’s all talk.”

“I understand you had to say something. But, to everyone? All that drama I told you. …her cheating on me…her mood swings…and that weird hair she had on her left nipple…you had to spread that?”

I felt a shadow on me and looked up to see my history teacher towering over me.

“Are you two done with your lovefest? Can I get to my lesson now or is there still some hugging out to do…” The class erupted in laughter.

“No, we are done. You may proceed with your fascinating talk about Napoleon or Neapolitan ice cream. I always get confused about the two. But I do like ice cream.”

Mr. Pavilon did not appreciate the joke. He laughed sarcastically and reached into his pocket. He placed a bright yellow slip on my desk. Detention. Great.

The day was a blur. I just wanted to go home and disappear into my room. But, I had that tiny yellow paper to deal with. The final bell rang and I headed to the detention room. I plopped down at the nearest desk to me and put my head down. Forty five minutes passed and I was dismissed. I checked my pager.

“7 unread messages….what?”

The pager read:


That’s not good. I drove to my friend’s house but noticed more cars than usual. I looked and could not find any cars that I recognized. I parked my car and walked down the street but heard a familiar angry voice.

“What did I tell you this morning? Watch your back…”

I turned around and saw the angry classmate who yelled at me in front of my locker. But, this time she wasn’t alone. Five guys were behind her….each one wore white tank tops and boots.

“What is this? A boy band? Why are you all dressed the same?”

They did not appreciate the joke. And just like that I was on my back taking hits from everywhere. An eternity passed before they stopped.

“Run run…police.”

I looked up and felt blood running down my face. I saw the angry female but her face looked different. It wasn’t a face of happiness or content. She had a face of compassion. …like she felt badly for me.

I was helped up by an officer. I sat on a curb and laughed.

“Me and my big mouth.”

A car pulled up next to me. I heard four doors open and feet running.

“Whoa….whoa. What happened man? Who did this?”

I was surrounded by all my friends. They came 10 minutes too late. But I felt I deserved it.

That same female transferred from our school the next month and I never heard from her again. Until I received a notification on notification on Facebook last week.

You have received a friend request. I clicked on it and was angered.

“What? Is she serious? She had me beat up. Is this a joke?”

I looked at the profile pic…three kids playing at a playground. She was holding one of the kids in the picture.

“Last time she saw me, I was all bloodied up..yes that was 18 years ago but…still kinda ballsy on her part.”

I accepted the request. And received a message almost instantly.

It read:

“I’m sorry.”

I replied, “it’s ok….but whatever happened to your man and his boy band posse?”

“Lol…we broke up a week later…I wanted them to scare you…not jump you.”

“Well, they sre lucky cause I was just lying down to rest while they were hitting me…I was one second from getting all Bruce Lee on them.”

“I’m sure you were.”

Forgiveness can come late…but at least it comes at all.

The Daily Post-Forgive and Forget?


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