“I can’t even take care of myself. .”

I stared at my wife.

“Are we sure we want to do this? Are we ready for this?”

She looked at me, “I think so.”

“Should we wait a bit? Like a year? Or five?

She laughed, “Five? No…we should do this now.”

I thought to myself, “A baby…me, a Dad? I can’t even take care of myself.”

But, she was right. She thought we ready. We didn’t know if we could but we wanted to take a chance. I did my research and bought enough books to fill a library. After, two months of hard….fun work….my wife was pregnant. Then came the cravings, which led to late night trips to find fish sandwiches. Or early mornings where she wanted ice cream and pickles for breakfast.

A few months later,  we were at the doctor’s office looking at my baby through a computer screen.

“It’s a girl…..congratulations.”

I started to panic internally. I flashed forward to her first steps, first prom, her first broken heart. I got angry, “I don’t know you, but whoever you are…you broke my daughter’s heart..I hate you.” I realized I was jumping way ahead of myself. My kid wasn’t even born yet and I was already mad at future boyfriends.

I looked at the screen and said, “I’m so proud of you baby…whoever you are….I love you and I can’t wait to meet you.”

5 and a half years later, our house is an explosion of Disney and pink. And if I hear “Let It Go” one more time, I will go crazy. From the random dancing in the middle of a mall store, hugs from my little one, tantrums, tea parties, and giggle fests….I couldn’t be happier. But, I still hate you future boyfriend.

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11 thoughts on ““I can’t even take care of myself. .”

  1. nikkiandsuch

    I also hate future boyfriends… or girlfriends… or friends. I know that growing up is hard (especially middle school for some reason), and I am already riddled with anxiety about mean kids, hard classes, bumps and bruises, failure…
    My daughter is only 9.5 months old! haha

    1. misplacedtalent2 Post author

      Haha! Don’t we wish we could put kids in a big protective bubble? Middle school is really tough. ..kids develop attitudes and can feel “left out.” But, the journey is so worth it. Watching my little one grow into a fiesty 5 year old has been pure joy…and i thought I knew what love was before…but the love between a parent and a child is much deeper and rewarding. Congratulations on your little one!!

      1. nikkiandsuch

        My husband makes fun of me all the time because he knows I’d wrap her in bubble wrap if he would let me. And home school her… and have her live with us FOREVER!! haha… not really, but while she’s little I like to think this way. 🙂

      2. misplacedtalent2 Post author

        Haha! My wife says the same thing! We tell our kid that when she gets to college she should make extra room in her dorm room because we would be moving in too lol.

  2. water4inferno

    OMG! So right there with you! My husband always tells our daughter that she can’t date until she is 40. Hahaha! At the same time, he can’t wait to be polishing & cleaning a certain something the first time he meets the boyfriend in the future. I think as parents, we always jump ahead with our thoughts 🙂

    1. misplacedtalent2 Post author

      I agree! She’s spending the weekend with grandma for the first time…and I’m freaking out lol. She’s growing way too fast…I wish I could just freeze time for a while. I look at all her baby pics and cant keep my eyes dry to save my life lol


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