First the Sour…then the Sweet

She was beautiful. I made up some reason for my group of friends to stop walking, just to think of a game plan.

“I gotta get a drink of water….hold up.”

I walked to the water fountain and glanced in her direction again. She had long black hair and black eyes to match. I bent over to tie my shoes and stared at my shoes.

“Why did I decide to wear two different shoes?” But, the fashion sense of a teenager was always suspect. I was 13 at tbe time and my clothes never matched. It was my thing. I stood up and collected myself. And I looked her way again and saw a familiar face standing right next to the girl I needed to meet. My face lit up and I walked towards the object of my affection.

“Hey….Athena! How are you…its been a long time.” I reached over and gave the surprised girl a hug. The truth is that I barely knew Athena. I walked by her locked at school and only knew her name because I heard the principal say it. Before Athena could respond I said, “Who’s your friend?” She replied, “Oh, this is Ciara.” I waved at her. She giggled and whispered to Athena. I looked back at my group of friends and they were watching every move I made.

I whispered into Athena’s ear and she smiled. She then said out loud, “My friend wants to know if he can have your number.” Ciara leaned over to whisper in my ear….”yes.” I smiled at her. I wrote her number down and walked back to my friends. After, a bunch of hi-fives, I said:

“See, I told you wearing mismatched shoes is good luck.” I was cocky and stupid.

Three weeks later, Athena’s cordless phone rang. She answered and heard sobbing.

“Hello? Hello?”

“Its me, Ciara dumped me…..”

“What? After three weeks? Why?

She spent the next 30 minutes trying to console her new spikey-haired friend but it wasn’t working.

“Hey….stop…stop. Wanna get something to eat? Meet me in 30.”

Athena brought her red-eyed and sappy friend to get a caramel sundae. And a love affair began between me and caramel.

Caramel always makes me feel better. It has helped me through many broken hearts, bad games, and bad girls. There is something about caramel that lifts my spirits. It has the power to coat my broken heart with brown sugary goodness. Caramel doesn’t cheat on you….it wants to spend time with you. Caramel doesn’t say, “It’s not’s me”, like Ciara did.

The Daily Press-My Sweet Go-to


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