When Wife’s Away, This Hubby Doesn’t Really Play

At the beginning of the week, my wife told me she would be away for the weekend because of business. I tried my best to hide my excitement.

“Aww baby, really? Do you have to go? I’m just gonna miss you too much…”

My mind wandered to all the things I could do that weekend. And I know what  your thinking….non stop naughty searching on the laptop. Nope. This is what really happens when wifey is away on business.

7:00 Wake up. Weigh myself. Use the bathroom. Weigh myself again.

7:15 Make breakfast for the little one.

8:00 Clean. Make sure the little one cleans her room.

9:00 Get ready to go out.

9:30 Go to the park with the little one.

9:35 Have boring blah conversations with whatever parents are at the park too. These usually start with

“Gosh,  they grow so fast don’t they?”

10:30 Head to the store. Buy groceries. Head Home.

11:00 Prepare lunch.

11:30 Eat lunch. Clean. And prepare to go out again.

12:30 Watch whatever kid cartoon movie is in the theater. Fall asleep during movie in a pile of buttery popcorn.

2:00 Go home and clean my buttery face.

3:00 Watch TV with the little one….more cartoons.

4:30 Prepare dinner.

6:00 Eat. Clean.

7:00 Read a book with the little one. Watch more cartoons.

8:00 Little one sleeps.

8:30-11:00 Watch tv shows. This is big for me. Wifey hates every single show I like so this is when I catch up.

11:00 This is when I try to sneak in naughty laptop time…but I end up staring at my phone playing random video games working on a farm..creating cities…fighting monsters…and then fall asleep with my phone in my hand.

Fun right? Yeah, I’m a party animal.


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