Don’t Sweat the Details…It’s Done Right?

When my wife does laundry,  she pulls out fabric softener, bleach,  a little net with a zipper thing to put delicates in, and soap. She separates the laundry into eleven-hundred piles breaking them down into colors….and they match every color of the spectrum…lights…darks…sorta dark..colors…light colors….fluorescent colors…colors only dogs can see….whites…..kinda white….hubby’s “used to be” white stuff. Its ridiculous. I swear she has her own periodic table but she uses it for laundry. But when I do laundry, I pull out soap. Done. I break up the laundry into two piles…..white…and everything that’s not white.

When she’s in charge of dinner, she makes sure every single food group is represented. Me, I improvise. French fries….that’s a vegetable. If I need a fruit…apple juice is fine. Need another vegetable or fruit? Have some ketchup…that’s tomato, sort of.

When my little one watches TV, wifey makes sure it’s all educational or Disney stuff filled with singing blue birds or dancing mice. I change the channel to cartoons with jokes about burping and farting. 

We are just different. My wife’s car is immaculate. You can eat of the floor of that car. You could eat off the floor of my car too….because I leave food on the floor…for a long time. And if you open the passenger door, there’s a good chance empty energy drink cans will probalby fall out. And you will probably have to sweep your chair free of empty granola bar wrappers….or candy….spare Skittles rolling around. My theory is why wash your car? Because it will rain some day…so let mother nature do it for you.


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