Little Victories

When I was in high school,  nothing mattered. I woke up, made sure my hair looked good when I left the house, caused trouble with females, and went back home. If I ran out of hair spray or gel….that was a nuclear meltdown to me. Not starving children in other countries. ..not the economy…not world wars….my hair was my tipping point. Yes, its sad, but I’m being honest. But there comes a time when you grow up, a time that you realize what is important. I goofed up as a kid. I never took girls seriously. Until, I stared a  small computer screen during one of my wife’s prenatal appointments. I looked at the doctor.

“Sir, can you help me here? What is that? A head? Leg? Arm? Or is my future kid a lava monster of some sort…”

“No…not a lava monster…but a girl.”

My mouth dropped. And I immediately panicked. Is this karma? All the times I got in trouble with females…I was bad, really bad before i got married. I looked at my wife and she had tears in her eyes. I smiled at her and looked at my female lava monster again on the screen. I couldn’t contain my smile….a baby girl. My little victory.

5 years later, my little victory is fiesty just like her mom.

“Hey….hey….lets get ready for school. Your teeth are not gonna brush themselves. And I don’t want your teacher calling me at lunch to tell me to pick you up because your dragon breath knocked out three of your classmates…”

“Not funny Daddy….for real….not funny.

“When did you learn the phrase ‘for real’…we read Dr. Seuss last night. I don’t remember Sam I Am saying..’i do not like green eggs and ham….for real'”

And with a mouth full of sparkly toothpaste…she hugged and kissed me.
Never mind all the other worries I have….the bills I have to pay…and the cable company possibly shutting our cable off…I know things will be all right.


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