Slow Jam Mixtapes and Spikey Haired Stupidity. The Story of Lea Part 5

A smiling teenaged girl walked to the kitchen.

“Yes, Auntie Vee?”

“We have to go…its getting late.”

Her heart dropped but she nodded. She walked back to an open door and glanced inside. She saw him sitting on the floor looking down at the pink colored fuzzy carpet.

“Hey, Auntie wants to go.” Her voice showed disappointment.

The boy looked up and said, “Will I see you tomorrow?” There was worry in his voice.

“Yes…but not for long though. Auntie has other friends she wants to visit..” She could see the emotion in his eyes. She leaned over to him and whispered, “..let’s just make the best of it, ok cutie?”

He nodded. She hugged him and kissed him softly on his lips.

“Hey….hey…this isn’t over yet..ok?”
She walked out and he followed her into the living room. Auntie Vee greeted him.

“Well hello? First time I’ve seen you today…you hiding from me?” She laughed but the boy didn’t even crack a smile. His mother noticed.

After the goodbyes, his mother closed the door and glared at her son.

“She lives far away…you know that. I see what’s going on here. You are just going to get hurt.” The lecture fell on deaf ears. A cloud of emotion surround him and he made the walk to his empty room.

He started to lie down on his bed. And the mental games began…he thought to himself.

“Dude, she’s leaving. You can’t fall for her. How would this work? Could a long distance relationship work?” He felt he was going crazy. He felt his stomach grumble but ignored it. And just like that he fell asleep.

He started to shift in his bed….he looked over and checked his clock….8:25. He jumped up and started to get ready. His sister opened her door as he was running into the bathroom.

“It’s early….where are you going? Lea is going to be here at 10.”

He replied, “I know…” and shut the bathroom door. This 15 year old was on a mission. He wanted this relationship to work. He wanted to convince the girl from LA that this could work. He ran out of his house and started walking to a nearby plaza. He opened his wallet and stared at his funds. He counted 9.00. He walked into a flower store and bought a single rose. The next destination was a Hallmark store. He bought a card and some gum. He began the one mile walk home. He was making good time…he glanced at his Swatch watch.

He walked into the gouse and skipped breakfast. His mother and sister saw him pass the kitchen. His sister said out loud,  “He just passed up food….he never says no to food.”

His mother turned to her and said, “People do crazy things when they are in love.”

He rushed in his room and started to rummage through his drawers and found a mixtape. He put it in his radio. The doorbell rang. It was time. He didn’t leave his room. A familiar knock came at his door.

He opened the door and she was there. She opened her mouth but he stopped her with a kiss.

“Look, I know we don’t have much time. So please read this.” He handed over the card and his feelings in an envelope. She was surprised but smiled as she read his heart poured into a card. He grabbed the rose he bought her and handed it to her. Her eyes began to water.

He began to talk, “I know you didn’t get to dance at the wedding reception.” He leaned over to press play on his tape player and slow jams filled the air.

“May I have this dance?” He reached out to her with his hand. She took it and they danced in silence. After two songs, she stopped and reality struck.

“We can’t do this…..I would not be able to handle a long distance relationship. ..I would miss you too much, I need to see you every day…if I can’t get that. ..I can’t do it.”

He went on the defensive, ” Why is this so easy for you? You can just fly back home and act like I don’t exist? Like your feelings aren’t there?”

“The feelings are there….and they are strong. ..but who are we kidding? When would the next time be to see each other? You don’t know…we cant survive on these few days.”

He had no answer for that. He was crushed. He could hear his Aunt yelling for the girl he loved.

“I have to go….but we can talk about this at the airport ok? Please, let’s talk about this when your family drops us off at the airport.” She kissed him on his cheek. And again she left him standing there.

He was angry. His heart had been smashed into pieces. He thought to himself, “She doesn’t think a long distance would work? Fine…”

He thought about tomorrow. The girl he loved would be hopping on a plane back to LA…and she wanted to talk then…and figure things out. He shook his head.

“That’s not gonna happen.” He picked up his cordless phone and made a few calls.

Lea got into her Aunt’s rental car and thoughts raced around her head. She had a lot to think about. She sat in silence the whole day. Her heart was clouded with uncertainty and feelings. That night she wanted to figure things out. She had a full day ahead of her, and it would be hard to hide her emotions, but she was used to doing that.

After a night of restless sleep, she woke up and got ready to go to the airport. She was up all night thinking about him and what he wanted. He wanted something more than she could give him…but her feelings were deep. She was going to trust him. She was going to try to make it work. Suddenly, a long distance relationship wouldn’t be so bad.

“He cares for me…he’s sweet…he’s funny. We can make this work.”

She couldn’t wait to see him and tell him. She wanted to feel herself in his arms….and feel love. The door bell rang. She grabbed her luggage and felt her heart start to beat faster. She was filled in anticipation. She walked outside and scanned her surroundings. She noticed something was missing…the spikey-haired boy.

His sister walked up to her.

“My brother didn’t want to come….he went out with his friends.”

She couldn’t hide her disdain. And her heart felt betrayed….and she became angry.

She was sarcastic, “Its ok….he’s an asshole anyway….” She joked about it but she was hurt by his absence. She prepared for this moment and was ready to give her all. Those feelings transformed from love…to anger. She wouldn’t see the spikey-haired boy for 9 years…and things between them would change.


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