Sloppy Handwriting and Pink Envelopes. The Story of Lea Part 2

I don’t write letters. But, suddenly this thirteen year old was buying stamps by the dozens. But, what do I write about? I had no clue. We had just left each other and I could still feel her lips on my cheek. When I got home, I sat and thought about what to write. I was clueless again.

“Hi, I am writing you. See, I told you I would. You thought I wouldn’t. But I sooo did. I mean, writing is not my thing. But, hey, I am writing you. And you thought I wouldn’t. I bet you are surprised….that I am writing you because you thought I wouldn’t.”

I ripped the paper in half. What am I doing? Is this letter going to win her heart? Is she going to read this and never write back? What if I write this letter and it gets lost in the mail? Emo all-over again. I managed to put thoughts on paper and sent the letter in the mail a few days later. A week later, I received a pink envelope in the mail. I could not contain myself. I ran back to my house from the mailbox and headed to my room filled with posters.

“Well Hello cutie!(oh my gosh she called me cute) How are you? I’m glad you wrote me…cause I thought you wouldn’t. Did you have fun in LA? I did…not because of the dinner…but because of your sister. Just kidding, because of you silly. I wish we lived closer…we could hang out more.”

She went on about school and her family. My heart skipped a beat reading that first paragraph. She left her number on the botom of the letter. I jumped out of my socks and ran up to my mom.

“Can I call Lea?”
“It’s long distance…calling LA is expensive.”
“Please Mom, just for a few minutes.”
She nodded.

I grabbed the phone and dialed her number. Her father answered.

“Lea? Ok, hold on. Is this ____? She can’t stop talking about you.”

I blushed.

“….hello stranger.” I could hear her dimples through the phone. I melted at the sound of her voice. We talked for 15 minutes.

“You better write…I’m serious. And you have the sloppiest handwriting…just to let you know.”

“I will…I promise.”

We became pen pals. I wrote her every week for two years. And received pink envelopes back every single time.
Our phone conversations were few and far between. Was I ever going to see Lea again? I didn’t think so. But, after writing each other for two years, she entered my life visually again.


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