An Unwanted Suggested “Friend” on Facebook

We all have our routine. We get up. Press snooze on our alarms, contemplate calling in sick, check our PTO hours to see if you can call in sick, if we figure out we don’t have enough PTO hours we calculate what bills are due, and then if we find out that we would only be able to eat Top Ramen for two weeks….we decide to go to work. But we hit the snooze just one more time. Well, maybe that’s just me.

The first thing I do at work is check my inbox for any crucial emails. I take care of any pressing issues and move on to the next task…Facebook. I like statuses,  comment on statuses, check any pending friend requests…and in some instances continue to ignore friend requests. But, today was different. I noticed the “people I might know” section and saw my father. My mouth dropped. I haven’t talked to him in 15 years. He doesn’t know my wife….doesn’t know his own grandkid…didn’t attend my wedding. The profile pic was taken in his car while he was driving…his eyes were on the road in his usual angry stoic way. I had many bad memories of that angry look. When I was a kid that angry look was followed by beatings with shoes or punches to the stomach or slaps to my head. That same angry look struck fear into my mother’s eyes…because she knew he had no problem hitting her too. My father was in the military. ..and he brought the “military” home with him. I was curious, so I checked to see if his Facebook wall was private…it wasn’t. You learn a lot about a person by looking at their wall. I learned he  married again…and divorced again. And then I saw that he had another child…a son. And immediately felt sorrow for that kid. Is he going through what I went through as a child? Does he feel the same fear I felt as a teenager? Does he have to make excuses for the bruises on his face like I did when I was his age? It made me sad. I started to wonder, should I reach out to him? Maybe he needs someone to help him through this tough time. I continued to look at his wall and found out my father “likes” Serena Gomez and has reached level 15 on Farmville.  Are you serious? I couldn’t help but laugh….. my abusive father I likes Selena Gomez and makes sure to harvest his virtual crops and milk his virtual cows. I can imagine him looking at his phone in his angry stoic way….and then smiling because he just leveled up in Farmville.


5 thoughts on “An Unwanted Suggested “Friend” on Facebook

  1. princesstales82

    I have faced these very emotions and yeah it does amuse me to see what my father is upto on FB. The way my childhood went, at times I feel, being holed up in a cave would have been a better life. But things get better don’t they. New people, new emotions, new us!


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