I Would Cuddle You So Hard.

I was trouble. As a teenager I didn’t care about anything except myself. I was in detention every day. I didn’t respect authority. ..I was clueless. Girls were the only thing I cared about. I spent my days flirting, kicking game, and finding ways to meet new girls. That got me in trouble. Didn’t matter if a girl was taken..engaged…I was after her. And that got me jumped…many times. But it didn’t stop me. I wanted to fight. But something has happened over the years, it didn’t happen overnight. I was becoming a softie. I was becoming emotional. I was becoming more sensitive. And then I got married, and this once trouble-finder, was now crying like a baby at the altar.

Me: I love you so much babe. (Crying profusely and embarrassingly)

I cared. And then my daughter entered this world and my crybaby-ness reached an all-time high….and its never gone down since. Everything makes me cry. Cute kitten or puppy videos make me cry. Hell, any baby animal video. Romantic movies make me cry. Singing competition shows make me cry. And especially any show or commercial that features a dad and a daughter makes me cry. Sometimes I sit there and think about my daughter’s future and it makes me cry. That’s sad, I am actually crying for something that will happen in the future. My daughter is supposed to look at me and think strength. She is supposed to say things like:

Daughter: My daddy can beat up your daddy.

Not this:

Daughter: My daddy won’t beat up your daddy….but he will appear angry and want to talk it out with your daddy. And maybe make a list of pros and cons and figure out a peaceful solution to the problem. And then hug it out with your dad.

What happened? Am I physically turning into a marshmallow? Will my wife reach over in the middle of the night to grab my “cash and prizes” and find its been replaced by a cuddly soft bunny? And instead of the usual dirty and nasty sex….we cuddle. I would cuddle you so hard.


4 thoughts on “I Would Cuddle You So Hard.

    1. misplacedtalent2 Post author

      Haha thanks! I’m trying my best to be more manly in from of my daughter….but just the other day she said “daddy…you are sooo scared of roller coasters…why are you so scared?”…lol. Great, now I have to show her I’m not scared…but I really am lol.

      1. princesstales82

        🙂 aww MY better half too is scared of all these rides, I go on em and have all the fun. so do not worry men do not have to be bravehearts at all times 🙂 Your little un has a wonderful dad who wants to put on a brave front, it is alright to be a wee bit scared and she should know it too…being a wee bit too brave aint good at times, she’d be worried about sharing things with you…happened to me..getting a bit serious ain’t I. But you keep on rocking daddy 🙂

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