The Disappearing Maid of Honor

Planning a wedding is not fun….especially for the man. But, women love it. They get excited over choosing cake, what colors to use, which flowers to showcase, and choosing their bridal party. When I proposed to my wife, she knew who her maid of honor would be. A woman named Veronica. They were best friends. They were co-workers and became inseparable. They shopped together….partied together….travelled together….everything. So when she asked Veronica to be her maid of honor, it was a done deal. Fast forward to two months before the wedding, the maid of honor disappeared. She wasn’t returning phone calls or emails. Finally, a month later my wife received an email with no subject from Veronica. She said she couldn’t do it anymore. She did not want to be a part of the wedding. No reason. And she disappeared from my wife’s life forever. It crushed my future wife, especially since she did not know why. And I think it came clear a month ago. All because of a stupid Facebook questionnaire.

Me: Babe…do this game. It ask questions about your past experiences and attaches a money amount to it. And at the end, you add it up…so the more money you “have” calculates how many bad things you have done. K?

Wife: Ok.

My wife did the normal stuff. I read the list…it included smoking cigarettes or stealing from a store. Everyone has tried that. But one question caught me off guard.

Me: Threesome…have you ever had a Threesome.

Wife: ……yes.

Me: Whoa! Stop….details…who? Positions? Tell me please. You never told me this.

Wife: No…I can’t do that. No.

Me: What? Please….are you serious?

Wife: Veronica…

There it was…..she disappeared because she was in love with my wife. And it hurt her to see her get married. And I think my wife knew that all along. And yes, she was hot….just in case you were wondering.


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