The Case of the Missing Altoids.

I woke up and got ready to drop off my little one at school. Once my daughter was ready, I reached to grab my usual necessities before I ever leave….wallet….phone…keys….altoids. I grabbed the little red mint container and noticed it was completely empty. From past experience I’ve learned that my little one loves these curiously strong mints and eats them like they are Skittles. I got in the car and started our short 5 minute trip to school with awkward accusations.

Me: Did you eat my mints?

Little one: No….

Me: Tell me the truth….did you eat my mints?

Little one(in a softer voice): No…daddy.

Me: There is no need to lie….just tell me the truth.


We pulled up to school and her friends grabbed her and they began to chase each other all over the playground. I thought to myself….why would she lie about this? Why can’t she just tell me the truth? I mean…if you lie…it should be something big like denying you broke a vase or lamp. Not this. I drive back home and park in my driveway. I walk in to my house and walk into my bedroom  to put my jacket in my closet. I notice I shiny red box on the floor… altoids box….completely full. Great. I just interrogated my daughter like a lawyer cross-examining a mistress. I’m a jerk. So when I pick up my daughter today, I owe her a big hug and an apology….and maybe her own box of altoids that she can eat like skittles.

As parents, we make mistakes. But these little situations are crucial…its important to explain you were wrong and that you are sorry. Your little ones will appreciate it.


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