Surprises In A Browser History

A person’s browser history is always interesting. You might find random things like google searches for “are leprechauns real?” and “my cat ate crab shells..what do i do?” But honestly, most people are private about their browser history. This leads to an interesting experience I had a week ago.

Last week, my phone was acting up. It had this weird habit of freezing and shutting down for no reason. And it gave me weird errors with large number codes to go along with them. So, I freaked out. I yelled out my wife’s name to see if I could use her phone to search out this weird error code. There was no response. So I went to our bedroom and saw my wife in dreamland…fast asleep. I grabbed her phone off the counter and started to search…”problems with android.” Now, I know that just merely typing letters will start to bring up possible words you are looking for…or past things you have looked at…so after trying to type “pro”, I noticed I typed “por” instead. When I went to correct the error, some interesting past sites popped up on my wife’s browser. One in particular caught my attention…it was obviously a porn site. So out of curiousity I went to the site…and boy was I shocked. It was a link that went to the exact video that my wife had looked at. It was a woman coming into a massage place….it starts normal….but then two guys come in and “service” her. My mouth dropped. I had no idea what to think. On one hand this is great! We could watch together! On the other hand…..why was she keeping this a secret? Am I not satisfying her? Is this some fantasy that she has? Because if so…I would be pretty nervous booking any massages for her birthday. It was a hit to my self-esteem. So the next day I confronted her about it. She was completely honest….after the discovery. She said it was not a normal thing….and it only happened twice in like 6 months. But it still made me wonder. …if she needed to get off….why not just ask me to help? I could easily helped her out. But, if you find one skeleton….odds are another one will be right behind it. Stay tuned.


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