The Fight For The Remote Control

Couples never agree on everything. But, chemistry and shared interests are important. And the rectangular shaped box in my living room is always an issue. And after years of marriage, it does not look like there will be a truce to this ongoing dilemma. My wife has been trying to get me to watch a certain show for months. But, I honestly do not have any interest in it. She talks about it constantly….watches it while I am in the room to try to get my attention. But, it just does not catch me. Now, I recently found a show that I enjoy…and wanted her to try watching it. I mentioned it yesterday and afternoon…and boom…fireworks.

Me: So there is this show…its so good. There are twists…and turns…and upsy-daiseys….and tilt-a-whirls…and just when you are off this crazy ride of a show…it flips you off. It’s crazy…you should watch it.

Wife: (Silence)

(never a good thing…this is a sign she is searching through her “woman-thought-bank” to search for possible ammunition to attack me with)

Wife:Haven’t I tried for months to get you to watch a certain show with me? And you repeatedly denied me? Mocked it? Laughed at it like it was a tiny-shriveled up penis coming out of glacier-frozen water?

Me: (Silence)

(My silence is not good either…because I was searching through my “clever comeback that won’t make this discussion turn into a full-blown fight bank)

Me: I never mocked it…I never laughed at it like a frozen penis coming out of cold water. And who’s penis are you referring to? Because it really was cold that day…

Wife: No, I won’t watch it. Whatever show you are talking about. It could be a show about Ryan Gosling’s underwear…I won’t watch it for sure now.

Me: First of all, you are a liar. You would soooo watch a show about Ryan Gosling’s underwear….and honestly so would I.

That whole discussion led to nowhere. And it made me realize, that my wife and I share no common interests when it comes to shows. How am I supposed to feel about that? We can stare at a tv guide for hours and not know what to watch together. Unless, it was a show about Ryan Gosling’s underwear.


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